This website is made in appreciation and admiration of the music composed by Rachel Portman. As a non-commercial site it is not affiliated with Rachel Portman and has no contact information of the composer. For contact details, please visit the official website of Rachel Portman at

I have been listening to Rachel Portman’s film scores ever since the release of "Chocolat” in 2000. Her music has an extraordinary quality, and always seems to be able to capture the right emotion for a film. As the music is usually quite melodic and thematic it can easily be enjoyed independent from the movie.

At some point I started to buy every new release of the film score albums, and it never dissapointed. At the time of the corona-pandemic I realised that I never did see many of the films for which the music was written, so I started looking for those as well. During this time I became aware of her earlier work for television during the 1980s and 1990s, and started to look into that too. That was when the idea for this website occured to me, as it turned out there was not a single internet source that could list all the compositions of Rachel Portman.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the information on this site as much as I did writing it!

If any questions or observations, feel free to contact me at the email-address below.