ChevroletAHolidayToRememberAt the end of November 2023 car manufacturer Chevrolet for the third consecutive year celebrated the holiday season with the release of a promotional video. The film titled “A Holiday To Remember” is over 5 minutes long and directed by Academy Award-winner Tom Hooper. It has a touching storyline about a family reunion, about a grandmother struggling with dementia. For a large part the background music is provided by John Denver’s “Sunshine On My Shoulders”, while according to the original score is by Rachel Portman.

This video is not the first film produced by Tom Hooper for Chevrolet, as at the end of 2021 the 4-minute "Holiday Ride" kicked off a series of holiday-themed films. For this film Rachel Portman also contributed an original score. The next year, at the end of 2022, Chevrolet released the 6-minute "Mrs Hayes", which sounds like it could also have been scored by Rachel Portman. Unfortunately there is no credit to be found for the music, so if you have any more details about this film and its music please write to me at the address below!