Dancing FruitIn celebration of their 50th anniversary the Gent Film Festival created the '2x25' project, where 25 pieces of music from different composers were used to inspire 25 filmmakers to make a short film. Young filmmaker Diana Cam Van Nguyen chose Rachel Portman's "Bagatelle" (which was composed in 2015 for the 40th anniversay of the film festival) for her short film "Dancing Fruit".

From the film festival's website:

For Film Fest Gent's golden jubilee, the festival is launching 2x25: 25 composers were invited to write a short piece of music. Subsequently, 25 filmmakers were inspired by the music to make a short film. The result fits perfectly within the DNA of Film Fest Gent: 25 sublime symbioses of music and cinematography, of emerging talent and established names, and of resounding names and festival favourites.

The impact music can have on a film cannot be underestimated. Yet composers are often involved late in a film project, always making their music in function of the image. For this anniversary project, Film Fest Gent turns the tables. The festival first approached musicians to create a short composition, and then Film Fest Gent knocked on the filmmakers' doors. Again, a wide range of filmmakers were provided. The filmmakers were shown a few pieces of music and made their choice from them. Only when the choise had been made, the name of the composer was revealed.

The short films will be shown before each feature film during the festival and can already be seen on Film Fest Gent's Youtube and Vimeo channels. From 10 to 21 October, the films can also be seen on the big screen in S.M.A.K., the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent